Roof Maintenance Tips

Roofing, one of the most hated works a husband must do to keep his wife from nagging him every day.

Roof maintenance is expensive especially if you are planning to change it as a whole. So If you take your time out of the day to observe the roof our house very carefully, you will be able to pick out the small portions of damage on the roof and immediately replace the damaged area. With that being done, you wouldn’t have to worry about the more significant losses that occur from, the smaller portions. Even if you have roof insurance, sometimes they don’t cover massive damages. Here are some tips for roof maintenance

  • When to do

You can inspect the condition of your roof when you clean the gutters. You probably will be hiring someone to clean the gutters so ask them to investigate your roof as well. They will be able to pick out all those damaged roof shillings and be quick to replace them. You have to check for signs for fungus,algae, etc. you can install zinc or lead strips to control it

  • Cleaning

You will be able to blow off all the dust and clean the roof with water and other cleaning products. Sometimes all your roof needs is a good cleaning, and you will be able to pick out all the damaged parts easily when it is visible. Trim branches hanging above the roofs so that it doesn’t keep dropping branches and leaves into the gutter to have a blockage

  • Fix the chimney

So the chimney is essential when it comes to home because this is where the fire is burnt to keep the house should be inspected as well when there is roof inspection being done. Check for structural damage. If bricks start falling off, it’s a safety issue and can end up in the whole chimney collapsing. Hire a contractor to do the patchwork or do it yourself.roofing contractor in Huntsville Alabama are the best when it comes to this regard.

But it should be done when you’re doing roof inspection as it would bring the whole cost of control a bit lower whereas if there were any damages, it would be costly.

  • Sun

You need to make sure that there is adequate roofing that can push out all the unwanted heat and radiation away from your house. If the shingles aren’t of good quality, then it will deteriorate quickly. Then put a reflective coating on your roof tiles. That itself would help in keeping the heat in the house. The increase in efficiency of the home is present.

  • Wind

You need to make sure that the base/foundation of the roof is durable to withstand the winds. Heavy winds are frequent, and one way of making shingles more wind resistive is reinforcing it, flashing, using heavy high duty adhesive nails and screws

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