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1. Monster Articulated Arm Hollowing System
2. Monster Mini T-Nuts
3. Swan Neck Hollowing Bar
4. Boring Bar Adapters
5. Mini Monster Hollowing System

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  Catalog > Monster Articulated Arm Hollowing System

The Monster Articulated Arm Hollowing System came about after the development of the Mini Monster Hollowing System. After seeing how well the articulated arm performed on mini lathes, we simply had to make one scaled up for 14” and larger lathes. (This system will also fit on some 12” lathes – check with us before ordering.) Utilizing larger bearings, fasteners and boring bars, this system includes a complete set of tooling and the Bullet Proof Laser positioning system. These systems operate extremely smoothly and are a joy to use. The tooling consists of the following:

  • Articulated arm supported by six thrust bearings, for a very, very smooth operation
  • 3/4" main boring bar and 5 1/2" long extension
  • Straight 3/16" tool with holder
  • Straight 1/4" tool with holder
  • 45 degree angle tool holder with 1/4" high speed steel tool bit
  • Swivel tool holder with 3/16” high speed steel tool bit
  • Round carbide cutter mounted on a custom machined stem
  • Extra fasteners and wrenches
  • Monster Bullet Proof Laser and mounting system

    The Monster Articulated Arm Hollowing system is designed for lathes with a 14" or larger swing.

    Your hollowing system can be provided in one of several custom colors. We offer colors to go with Robust, Jet, Oneway and gray Delta lathes. Although we try to match these lathe colors as closely as possible, it may not be an exact match. If this is an issue for you, we suggest choosing a complimentary contrasting color. Please note that the Powermatic yellow color shown in the photos below is no longer available.

    Since lathe dimensions differ from one model to the next, please let us know the make and model of your lathe when you order. This will ensure your new hollowing system will fit your lathe.

    In the detailed pictures below, you can see the Monster Articulated Arm system (sized to fit the Powermatic 3520) displayed beside the Mini Monster Hollowing System to give you an idea of the size difference. The pictures also show a slightly shorter version of the system designed to fit a lathe with a 16” swing.

    Please Note: Although some of the pictures below show the tool with round tool bits, we no longer offer these round tool bits. Our customers have told us they prefer the square high speed steel tool bits, finding they’re easier to sharpen and more readily available.

    Also Note:We have improved the design of the laser system to include a new stabilizer for the laser bar. Click here for pictures and a description of the new laser bar stabilizer.

    Weight:20.00 lbs
    Price:$ 523.95
    Select a color: 
    Oneway White
    Jet White
    Delta Gray
    Grizzly Green
    When ordering, enter the make and model of your lathe here: 
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