Mini Monster Hollowing System

We have long seen a need for a self-contained hollowing system to fit mini lathes. If you look around, you’ll see that the majority of the hollow forms made could be created on a mini lathe. Until the Mini Monster Hollowing System came along, there wasn’t a commercially made hollowing system designed for mini lathes – one that could be used without any modification to the lathe. Although there are probably hundreds of tools out there that the turners have made for themselves that do a great job (and to that I say bravo!), but many turners do not have the time or the equipment to make their own hollowing system. That’s where we come in. The Mini Monster Hollowing System is a self contained articulated arm system that comes complete with the following:


  • Articulated arm supported by six thrust bearings for very, very smooth operation
  • 5/8″ diameter boring bar
  • Monster Bullet Proof Laser and mounting system
  • Straight tool bit holder with 1/4″square high speed steel tool bit
  • 45 degree angle tool bit holder with 1/4″square high speed steel tool bit
  • Swivel tool with 3/16″ high speed steel tool bit and stem
  • Round carbide scraper on a 3/16” stem.

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